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By hip_to_be_square
#48863 Just in case any of you don't know yet, MCPC+ is now compatible with pixelmon!

This is great news, as bukkitforge is incompatible with many mods, and also has issues with essentials (namely teleport command blocks and /give commands). MCPC+ is compatible with all plugins and most mods, so I highly recommend it over bukkitforge.

You can download it here, btw:

By zuch0698o
#48871 its not perfect yet still has alot of issues itself namely riding and a consistent crash issue (already reported both)
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By Burgy
#49014 Ive been using it for a while, and ive never had a problem with it
By Vespirs
#59593 I personally know the creator of MCPC+ (bloodshot a.k.a. Kratos_Knox) and if I recall correctly, some owner of a pixelmon server got him to talk to Mr. M from my understanding. The Pixelmon server I had admined for while has occasional crashes, and bugs due to MCPC+, but hopefully they will be fixed soon.