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By savior67
#47621 I've had an onslaught of players exploiting a duplicate glitch, just wanted to let other server owners know their names as a warning. All of these players had obvious proof of duplicating (ie. 8 stacks of masterballs, 100 choice scarfs, 50 lucky eggs, ect.) I'll edit more in as they appear, feel free to comment in some more you've discovered so I can keep my server free of them.

Here's the list.
Minerjstn - over 100 choice scarfs, 4 stacks rare candy
Acefalcon - 40+ anorith fossils, 8 stacks rare candy
Reflex_blades - 30+ stacks of nest and level balls, 3+ stacks rare candy
scoobydoo1214 - 8 stacks master balls
DarkDanielMan - 6+ stacks master balls

By zuch0698o
#47912 Agreed how was the glitch performed so I can adjust my anticheat