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By MrMasochism
#53659 Not quite, in the games (pre gen 5) you didn't get those evs till you levelled up. Pixelmon works like that currently but next version will have you gain them as they are awarded

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By AnDwHaT5
#53750 I used a redstone clock with commandblocks attached that spawned butterfrees. i must have beat over 50 of them with a powerband and their ev's went up none. I used butterfree because of the 2 special attack and 1 defense ev's you get. You know trying to balance out but again i got nothing. And i do know this i beat enough of them to get a level 60 to level up with no exp bar.
By Polifroeg
The_Nanobots wrote:Jolteon is best used with a timid nature.
Vaporeon is best used with either bold or calm nature.
Flareon is best used with a calm nature(as a special wall) or with a modest nature(as a special attacker)
Espeon is best used with a bold or timid nature.
Umbreon is best used with a calm nature.
Glaceon is best used with a modest nature.
Leafeon is best used with a jolly nature.

However the only decent eeveelution to use competitively in pixelmon is Jolteon.

i use vaporeon for rain and espeon can be handy
By CjoewD
#58047 Is there a place I read about ev's , how they work in pixelmon and what pokemon raises what stat. I read a wiki page and I took it as each kill you get a EV and is based on the other Pokémon stat, not after 6 kills. Then is there a way to see how many of the EV's a pokemon has?(or will there be eventually) and is it possible to get EVs after they get to 100 in new update since it is now basses on as you get it and not leveling?

Edit: Also, does rare candies now weaken a Pokémon EV and are the EV points gained at level 100 (for every 4 put in stat) count in the 510 EV points total? I have yet to see EVs work in-game.

OK this is what I got from this forum.... EVs are awarded after 8 kills (possibly same pokemon in a row). It is earned on level up(untell next update). It may not work with every pokemon(that guys Butterfree delema, however, he was using power band and might of not switched out blocking EV..which is my next point). And the power items that boost EVs only work if the pokemon was used in battle, yet was not out when the other pokemon fainted. This correct?

Sorry for all the questions, just learned about EVs and am really excited about it!