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MrMasochism wrote:
SPG wrote:
MrMasochism wrote:stop saying this. Ev training does work right now with a couple of quirks

NEVER! if it really does work, it is very bugged, especially the items, (besides with math) i need to see it work in the mod and not in code, because everyone has problems with it

I have tested it extensively in the mod and it definitely is working. defeating 8 trapinches at level 50 increases attack by 1

did you test the ev items? macho brace doubles it, and the others add 4 evs for what the go for, so killing 2 pokemon with a Power Weight should give 8 hp evs and also boost the stat

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By MrMasochism
#47290 ev items had issues yeah but those have been fixed. They worked for all pokemon who were involved in the fight but not actually out when the pokemon fainted
By Evilshallwin
MrMasochism wrote:ev items had issues yeah but those have been fixed. They worked for all pokemon who were involved in the fight but not actually out when the pokemon fainted

So EV training DOES work in 2.2.1, or in the next update it will?
By Jemezy
#47514 I dont really understand what u all are saying xD
But thanks for helping me out ;)
U did guys did made a little boy happy :D!!!

By Handofnod3
#49040 I prefer to use a modest Jolteon and Espeon for extra firepower,a calm Vaporeon, impish Umbreon, a jolly or adamant leafeon, timid glaceon. Flareon is a bit harder to make work...attack wise his stats are awesome but apart from dig he doesn't really get any strong physical moves unless you want to count fire fang but if you do want to use him I suggest going for modest and focus him on sp atk without lowering his defenses or speed.

MrMasochism wrote:EV training already works with some quirks

I know it's rather off topic but could you elaborate about these quirks? I fully EV trained several of my eeveelutions with a macho brace before realising it wasn't having any noticable effect and I'm nearing the lvl cap they need to be on when fully EV trained.

Edit: I just beat up 12 abra's/gastly's, four kadabra's and two haunters, that should be enough EV's for 6 stat points in sp atk, nothing happened.
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By emerald_ice
KuryoZT wrote:Well yeah, but the thing with Eevee is that it can basically transform into whatever you want, physical, special, wall or sweeper, it kinda do whatever. So with the nature the one you capture has, choose what's best. Personaly I don't look too far into these, because I don't play competitively.

Eevee is the new (Old?) Ditto.
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By KuryoZT
emerald_ice wrote:Eevee is the new (Old?) Ditto.

Ditto is just there for breeding purpose, so in a way, it's also "whatever you want".(the comic!)
But in fight, you can only be whatever the opponent is, so you don't really choose.
By Alexrider530
#53323 I Still don't Quite understand how EV training works in pixelmon :/ Becuase in the game if you used rare candies on your pokemon untill it got level 95 and then you fought pokemon to get max ev's in one stat you would gain all the extra EV's right then. How do the extra stats gained while EV training work? And I'm still confused about the EV enhancing items. Do those work or are they stil broken?