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By 1cec0ld
#46857 I happen to be a heavy user of IRC networks because a plugin I use links the server with a bridge bot. I recently claimed a pixelmon-named channel on the network, and I've actually seen 2 users come in to my channel looking for official support/help with their pixelmon usage/install. esper is the network that most bukkit plugin developers use, and I've personally reserved the channels #pixelmon and #pixelmonmod on that network. I'd prefer to keep the first, simply because I've set up my bots and client to connect to that channel, but should any developer or other authority here show interest in making the other channel another area for live support/community, I'd happily give all ownership/control over to them. I simply feel that IRC is an untapped resource for more networking right now.

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By GhostWolf2398
1cec0ld wrote:should any developer or other authority here show interest in making the other channel another area for live support/community.

Definitely an interesting idea for the community part, and I can't comment on how desired that would be.

As for having that as an area for live support, that would probably not be a good idea, simply because it would be another place to spread the already small number of people helping with support out to (currently both here and on the minecraft forums page). It also doesn't leave a record for the (albiet very small) proportion of people with help requests that search for similar problems and their solutions before asking for help.

Don't let my response be construed as negative though, it sounds like a very interesting idea overall. If you wanted to put in your channel's MOTD line a link to this forum for support issues, that will help funnel them to the easiest location for us to address issues, and help get them going on the mod sooner (and remove the installation/support headache from you!).
By Vespirs
#59595 I myself am also a heavy user of IRC, and think an official IRC pixelmon channel would be an amazing idea. It would be a way for people to get imidiate assistance, as well as have general questions answered. I support this idea ;)
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By Burgy
#60012 I agree, I used to be a Beta Tester
And with the staff chat at the top of the forums, i would chat nonchalantly in there, but that's a bad thing. So, I'm down for an IRC channel.