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By ErusPrime
#45820 Recipe book crashes. NEI doesn't work. TMI/All-U-Want don't have recipe functionality.

I don't want to cheat. I would just prefer to not have to switch windows every time I need to look up a recipe. I know an NEI patch is close to being completed but you know how ETA works in minecraft time.

Does anyone know of a functioning mod for in game recipes?

By Lettucecow
#45821 I don't think there is one.
By ErusPrime
#45839 well that sucks.

While we're on the subject of compatibility, why does Thaumcraft not work? I have it installed and worldgen works fine but I only just started a world so I haven't built anything. Am I guaranteed to get errors?
By zuch0698o
#47910 Craft guide is the best solution I have found as well helo players out without the nei single player glitch