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By Evilshallwin
#44541 Personally, I just stay in a small area and wait for Pixelmon to spawn, then go around with a bucket of lava, kill all the non-boss Pixelmon till I find a boss.

By nyv
#44580 that's an okay idea.. So do more spawn once you've killed the regular pokemon? Or does it require you to move around to make them spawn again?

I just walk around normally myself.
By jeremy58589721
#44604 i just run around until i spot a overly large pixelmon or a cluster of the same type and invesigate :D.

but yea i dont try to force boss pixelmon to spawn by killing off reg pixelmon.
By Lettucecow
#44671 i look for a huge pack of pokemon, then fight the non- bosses for exp till i find one.
By Evilshallwin
#44788 The only reason that I've been using this method is because I have no clue about the behaviors of bosses.

I didn't know that they were huge, or that they spawned amongst clusters of the same pokemon.