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By nyv
#43772 Dw, this isn't another person asking where fossils spawn, I know they spawn in gravel patches between levels 20 and 50.

My question is, does the whole gravel pocket need to be within levels 20 and 50 for the fossil to spawn?

I've found one fossil so far (and it was pretty random) but now I'm branch mining for them. If the whole gravel pocket needs to be within both levels then it will change my search quite a bit because there will no longer be point in mining on level 20 due to the high chance of a single block in the pocket being in level 19..

So if anyone who knows the answer (hopefully a coder who implemented fossil spawn rules) I would love to hear it :)

By The_Nanobots
#43804 According to the source code no the whole gravel pocket does not need to be between Y20 and Y50. However you will not find fossils if you dig above Y50 or below Y20.
By nyv
#43897 How rare is this stuff supposed to be?

I watched a vid of CraftBattleDuty where he went searching and found one in the first gravel pocket, none in the second and then another in his third gravel pocket he checked..

I've got 29 stacks of gravel from the last four days (over 1800 blocks) from my searches but haven't found one...

Is it really that rare and CraftBattleDuty was incredibly lucky or am I doing something terribly wrong / something's wrong with fossil spawns since the latest update?

I'll keep mining in the meantime but it's getting frustrating.
By nyv
#43919 Whoa holy hell.

Okay, thanks!
By nyv
The_Nanobots wrote:Did you by any chance start the world without pixelmon installed?

No. But I did start it before the patch came out that implemented fossil spawn in gravel patches.

But that is why I went off to new chunks to find fossils. I have my current branch mine directly underneath one of those new grass rocks or whatever they're called (for leafeon).

Just turns out they're ridiculously rare and the video I watched where some guy found 2 as soon as he started looking was extreme luck.

At least I have one I guess :P
By Volmise
#44495 I've been extremely lucky on levels 23~25 with Fossils, finding 3 of my 4 there. Funnily enough, they were all underneath a swamp biome as well.