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#43139 I was wondering what is a good pixelmon team overall? Please don't name a pixelmon that's a fossil or super rare. Also can you name the moves to use with the team that is the best overall? I am not asking for a try hard team with tms at all just at team that can hold its self up in a fight and get me some wins.

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By Sundial_MC
#43389 Well, dammit, a few of the best are fossils.
Counting without fossils, this is in my opinion:

Shadow ball

Code: Select allUmbreon
- Moonlight
- Faint Attack
- Last Resort
- Screech

Code: Select allArcanine
- SolarBeam
- Flare Blitz
- Outrage
- Crunch

Code: Select allMagneton
- Zap Cannon
- Flash Cannon
- Metal Sound
- Magnet Bomb

Code: Select allGlaceon
- Ice Beam/Blizzard
- Shadow Ball
- Last Resort
- Bite

I leave the last two to whatever.
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By urbymine
#43398 i'm one of the more elite trainers in alpine and here are my 6 pokemon
By Volmise
#44508 It might sound silly, but a team of the Eeveelutions is actually very well balanced and provides quite enough power while still holding its own with defense.

I personally like using all of the Eeveelutions minus Glaceon, since Ice just doesn't sit right with me as a defensive type on its own. Not to mention I prefer how Leafeon looks more anyways.
By suprgamr232
#44564 Well the best team sort of depends on your playstyle really...

But my favorite team is usually:
-Opposite of starter (Vaporean/Arcanine/Ampharos)
By Lettucecow
#55372 My team is usually

By Blaze150
#55580 Well the team i usually use is as follow but ima only semi competitive and my full team isnt in the mod so this is my poxelmon team

Code: Select allCharizard
Flamethrower/Heat Wave
Wing attack/Air Slash (for when move relearner is added)
Focus Blast/or what ever you want

Code: Select allNinetales|Arcanine
Fire Blast|Flare Blitz
Faint Attack/Hex|Crunch
will-o-wisp|Flamethrower/Flame Wheel

Code: Select allDragonite
Dragon Rush
Dragon Dance
Fire Punch/ThunderPunch (or you can swap one of these with hurricane)

Code: Select allFlygon (Flygon has a really great potential after move tutors are added)
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide
Fire Blast (usually this move doesn't matter but it depends on what you want)

Code: Select allSeadra|Cloyster (or another good water type)
Hydro Pump|Icicle Crash
Brine|Ice Beam
Dragon Pulse|Brine
Ice Beam|Iron Defence

A good electric type is recommended i choose either Raichu, Jolteon or Electabuzz

Code: Select allRaichu|Jolteon|Electabuzz
Volt Tackle|Thunder|Thunder
Thunderbolt|Shadow Ball|Brick Break
Dig|Hyper Beam|ThunderPunch
Hyper Beam|Double Team|Thunderbolt

So yeah this is my team as you can see im largly offensively based but cloyster is a really good tank and not many ppl know this but pikachu learns volt tackle at 65 EDIT: so I tried it again and it didn't work they must have fixed it in the last update. so yeah feel free to change it in whatever way you like
By Firespar
#58998 Depends on what style of play you want. Stall is pretty much non-existant so far, due to Dragonite basically ripping it apart. In my opinion, balanced offense or heavy offense are probably the best styles to use so far. Here's my Pixelmon team (that I actually haven't built on any public servers yet...), you can use that to get some ideas if you want. I'm also making a guide to advanced teambuilding that I'll post later.

Warning: pretty good sized spoiler
Starmie @ Sitrus Berry
252 Speed, 252 Sp. Atk, 4 HP
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball

Starmie makes an amazing antilead Pokemon. 90% of people who know anything about competitive Pokemon will lead with Dragonite in nature of that thing being totally unstoppable after it gets one Dragon Dance. I lead with Starmie simply because it beats nearly everything people lead with. Ice Beam slaughters Dragonite and Flygon, Shadow Ball kills Mew and Alakazam (but Ala outspeeds me and can potentially kill me if it carries Shadow Ball), Thunderbolt is for Gyarados, and Surf is a generally powerful STAB attack. I'll probably stick a Choice Specs on him when Choice items are fixed.

Dragonite @ Sitrus Berry
252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 HP
-Dragon Dance
-Dragon Claw

Remember when I said this thing becomes unstoppable after a Dragon Dance? I wasn't lying. After one Dragon Dance it outspeeds and 2HKOs everything currently in the game except Slowbro. Only Vaporeon and Lapras can hope to stop it, and both are hit hard by Thunderpunch (2HKO at +1, OHKO at +2 on offensive variants of Vaporeon). Slowbro shrugs off most of his attacks but can't do much other than try for a Scald burn. Dragon Claw is my STAB attack that decimates everything that doesn't resist it (which happens to only be Magneton), and Earthquake is for Magneton. I'd probably give him a Yache Berry when it's released, but by then I'm sure there will be enough new Pokemon to make this set obsolete anyways.

Chansey @ Sitrus Berry
252 Sp. Def, 252 HP, 4 Speed

Chansey is a great Special wall, especially being as none of the Special attackers currently in-game really threaten him much. Obviously Blissey would be better as a purely Special wall, but as of when I'm posting this Blissey hasn't been released. Softboiled for healing, Toxic+Protect to Toxic stall things, and Refresh is mostly filler, seeing as Seismic Toss Chansey likely will never be a possibility.

Slowbro @ Sitrus Berry
252 Defence, 252 HP, 4 Sp. Atk
-Calm Mind
-Slack Off

Slowbro is my physical wall, who doubles as a Calm Mind sweeper. He's got enough bulk to take a couple +1 hits from Dragonite, and can go for the burn with Scald. Psyshock is to stop Chansey from walling him (although I haven't tested whether it works correctly or not in Pixelmon yet), and Scald is STAB with a Burn chance. Slack Off for healing.

Dugtrio @ Sitrus Berry
252 Speed, 252 Attack, 4 HP
-Stone Edge
-Hone Claws
-Sucker Punch

Dugtrio is mostly filler, as an Electric immunity, but with a couple Hone Claws boosts he can actually get a kill every now and then. Earthquake + Stone Edge get perfect neutral coverage, with Sucker Punch to hit Mew, Gengar, Starmie, etc. I might change this to a Choice Band set once Choice items are fixed.

Gengar @ Sitrus Berry
252 Speed, 252 Sp. Atk, 4 HP
-Shadow Ball
-Focus Blast

Gengar is a badass. How could I not use him? While he doesn't get that Ground immunity that he gets ingame yet, he's still amazingly fast and hits pretty hard. Hypnosis puts shit to sleep, after which I can kill it with his coverage moves. Shadow Ball gets STAB and perfect coverage alongside Focus Blast, while Thunderbolt OHKOs Gyarados and stuff.