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By KuryoZT
IGL wrote:TY all of you guys for so much help though I didn't get the spot ima always remember these awesome setups and maybe one day find a server where they need a water gym leader.

Well, if you want to be water gym leader, I know a place.
It's nice, funny and nice community (most of it, always some trolls everywhere, but not many on there)
And since there are many newcomers, and Water gym is the second on the list, it's kinda jammed XD
If you want to come try it out, you're not forced to stay if you don't like it, check out Justiscraft, it's one of the sub-forums of the server thread. So, come check it out :)

#42458 Really I like ice the best then electric but not many servers have a ice gym and electric is allways the first one to get filled

that's why I might make my own server soon.
By Lettucecow
#42498 im a water gym leader on a server opening soon, im going to use this team. The level cap is 40.

Blastoise lvl 40
slowbro lvl 39
tentacruel lvl 38
lapras lvl 39
vaporeon lvl 39
starmie lvl 40