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By jeremy58589721
#41047 as the topic says. i live right next to a decent sized beach on a plains and i hardly ever see any pixelmon spawn... ill get 2-3 trainers and 0-2 beach pixelmon.. mostly krabby and slowpoke... i turned down my underground pixelmon spawns to 25 because default was 60... are beach pixelmon under that config? because i remember last 2.1 beach pixelmon spawned fairly nice wasnt a time i didnt have a beach full plus ocean and whatever biome the beach was connected to constantly spawning pixelmon .. only ask because this will make getting squirtle extremely hard :(

also on a side note i like how frequent boss pixelmon are now... i ran into 4 blues and 2 reds within an hour just running to/back from a forest/jungle to get some wood :D

By jeremy58589721
jaxy73 wrote:just wait awhile i think spawns change throughout game play my plains were filled with mareeps and milktanks at the beginning but now there are barley any.

no thats not it... im always around the beach it has nothing to do with waiting for new spawns..

it has everything to do with nothing spawning at all <-----!!!!!!!

my plains and ocean are teaming with pixelmon yet the beach only get trainers and 0-2 pixelmon at a time... there should be alot more than 0-2 at one time .. specially since my beach is HUGE.
By jeremy58589721
#41223 well surprisingly i now am getting 2-5 pixelmon spawns at one time on the beach but im also getting 15-20 trainers spawning at one time on the beach also... will trainer spawn effect pixelmon spawns?

trainer spawn is on default (100)
By lugiaisbeast101
#41261 Funny enough, if you manage to find an island, you'll see it infested with shelder. I mean atleast 20 shelder roaming around on an island.