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By jaxy73
#40559 are there any items that can be held by pokemon? the only thing i ave that seems like it could is an apricorn but it gets thrown to the ground when i try to place it by my pokemon. where can these held items be found if there are any?

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By KuryoZT
#40570 In creative mode, there's a tab called "held items", I think that most are listed there.
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By Tom_X
#40580 There are many, and they're thrown by bosses upon death. An easy way to see them is to go in creative mode.
By Rudak
#42221 Bosses? who are these bosees? where to find em?
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By KuryoZT
Rudak wrote:Bosses? who are these bosees? where to find em?

1st, I've seen you necro (bump old thread) alot today, what's up with that?
2nd, Bosses are colored-names pixelmon (bule, yellow, red, --> rarer) that rarely spawns. Easiest way to find some, is to know that they spawn with a bunch of other pixelmon, and they are way bigger than normals (reds are bigger than enormous)