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By suprgamr232
#46549 Unfortunately Pixelmon does get boring after a bit, but to fight some of the boredom I've ended up creating other worlds with various seeds, training various different pokes for more of a variety (because really, training your favorite Poke's over and over again is boring).

Multiplayer is also a must, only time you can have endless fun really.

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By Rzxa
#46725 Shiny hunting...
But i will always shiny hunt cause I never had a shiny pokemon ever in my life :cry:
Damm why do I never have a shiny
and also i punch people in the face lol
By Lettucecow
#47832 I have a shiny ludicolo :D
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By Rzxa
#47840 dammit
By lugiaisbeast101
#47848 This is still minecraft, you have most of the qualities of minecraft (except mobs unless you choose to have them on) with an added bonus of pokemon. So you can add many mods and such, you can build cities and creep, and you can do all of this while leveling up and catching your Pokémon.
By Faelinor
#49092 I love making my own town. Every pokemon town needs: A pokecenter; A pokemart; A stadium or arena for battling; A garden or park for you and your pokemon to relax; roads; lighting; A farm to supply wheat for potions; A supply of miltank for milk for potions (catch a lot of miltank?); An apricot farm; and housing.

I've really been enjoying this mod so far and I've been playing it (nearly) non-stop for a few days. Along with each of the things listed, there are several levels of 'upgrades' to be done to them. Pokecenter should have at least two or three healers, 1 PC, and at least 1 Trading Machine (not craftable, but I estimated the cost of material and tossed them into lava before spawning them in). The roads have had several upgrades. I have yet to make a pokemart, but I do have a supply of wheat and miltank. I have a small sized apricot farm for now and I've made a medium sized park/garden.

I think next I'll work on a stadium. :3 Go straight for the medium quality stadium/arena complete with redstone wiring and stadium-side seating. ^^
By LlamasAndCookies
#51833 When im bored I look for snorlax and make rare candies then I play LAN with my sister.