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By Lettucecow
#38200 I think its coming out in like 2 months or something at least that what i heard. :oops:
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By Jephon
#38291 If it is 2 months, Pixelmon will have another update ready by then. Generally (Depending on what is happening in MrM's life and other coders.. etc) there is an update every 1.5 months. A moderator might correct me on that number but it seems to be right from the history.

2 months will be a little longer of a span but it just means that update will probably see the last of the gen 1 in and have coding ready for the start of new gen 2+ stuffs.

This is all just guessing though.

All I'm saying is update when pixelmon updates. There will be another pixelmon update ready for 1.6 of minecraft.
By sargeantsimon
#39318 Mojang doesn't set dates until they know they can achieve them (anymore). If you've heard a date, it's pure speculation. Most reliable speculation puts 1.6 release in mid June, though anything in a couple weeks either way is also easily possible. In any case, I would guess that they'll do exactly what they did for 1.5.2. Wait until it's out along with a Forge for that update, then prepare the pixelmon version that happens after MC 1.6 for 1.6. You'll need to multiMC or whatever if you want both 1.6 and Pixelmon in the interim, but that's actually pretty nice. (As a side note, I should mention that the 1.6 launcher is planned to function similarly to MultiMC, so you may not even need it.)

Edit: I didn't phrase that well. MultiMC won't let you have pixelmon on 1.6 until pixelmon and forge update for 1.6.