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By gamingnut2
#37664 As the topic states i am looking for a person or a group of people to make pixelmon videos with for my youtube.
So far I've been soloing and its my most popular series, I'm a small time youtuber that makes more views than subscribes and getting pretty lonely doing it myself.
I need a server since I can't host one as of yet and don't currently have the money to buy one.
I would like to start interview Via skype soon and it would be real helpful if someone could host a server.
If you are interested please leave and application below consisting of:

how long you've been playing pixelmon:
What can you bring to the team:

here is the channel the first couple vids terrible but have the highest views, but i recorded my audio wrong:

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By GhostWolf2398
jeremy58589721 wrote:why you know give or link your youtube for we can see your videos so far?

I believe it is if I searched correctly.

Feel free to PM me and we can chat a bit that way, I'm starting up my own Pixelmon multiplayer series soon, so at least we can swap editing tips, maybe do a collaboration. GhostWolfGames is my channel.
By RadishSpirit
#37699 IGN: captainearlobes
Age: 16
Skype: radish.spirit
How long: just a few days
What I can bring: my subs. I am also a small youtuber, but significantly larger than your channel. I have 250ish subs, and I recently started constructing a modpack that contains pixelmon. It has tons of other stuff, and you can check it out here: ... gel.110478 I have a server that I host the pack on, and would love to do a lets play with you! You can check out my vids at