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By Konikonr
#36000 Hello, can some give me a very detailed EV system explanation for pixelmon because I am very confused.. My lvl 88 lapras has 193 defence points and no matter what pokemon I kill it dosent lvl anymore.. Like I killed about 30 sandslashes and gravelers that give 2 points each but it never levelled even after I got 4 total like it should, is their a limit or something because on the actual pokemon forums the limit per star is 251 and a total of 500 something like that.. I'm very confused about this plz help


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#36003 i wasnt entirly sure if this goes in bugs, or what, im also in a rush, so gabe, if it needs to go there, move it for me please
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By Sundial_MC
#36027 I'll just post my thing to say here
I was testing out the beta( on Vik's server, and EV training my magneton. No matter how much golbats I killed, the speed stat just wouldn't rise (I also used the speed EV boost band thing). EV training used to work before in, not sure what happened. I levelled up my Mag to see if it would give the extra stats then, but it just gave a plain +1
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By KuryoZT
#36068 I'm not sure i it matters, I'm not so good with EV training, only the basics. And first thing I learned, the EVs will be fully distributed only at lvl100, so maybe that's the cause of the problem. If it's too low lvl, the stats won't really get boosted, we'll only see the results at. Higher lvls. But maybe what I said is just bullstuff, I can't test anything right now, I'm on vacation without my computer.
By Sup3rp1gm4n
Sundial_MC wrote:It's at level 90, and I've slain around 200 golbats... So... Yea

Some pokeomon need more xp to level up right?
By Konikonr
#36263 The thing that confuses me is that my lapras's defence and attack won't go up anymore, but his health will go up every time I kill 4 slowpokes.