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By Entile
#35824 My level 19 Pikachu just vanished from my pc. i know it is low level but I just started and I don't have any more pokeballs. Can you help me? IGN: Entile

By karrybird
#35923 can easily make more pokeballs, and pikachu are relatively common, but the disappearing pokemon is an issue that needs to be worked on.
By jeremy58589721
#35932 you collect apricorns, cook them, place certain color combos in a horizontal line (3 across in a crafting table) and tht will make pokeball lids... than you take 3 iron ingots and do the same to make pokeball bases... place them on the pixelmon anvil and use the pixelmon hammer to hammer them into ball shapes and you take 1 lid, 1 base and 1 stone button and it makes a pokeball (in a crafting table) :D
By jeremy58589721
Entile wrote:Well all of that will be hard to find on the server... Any other ways? The Pokemart is broken..

can you not build/place/mine on the server? because the the easiest way to get pokeballs, unles you are able to buy them with a server store other wise you will have to pray for a boss pokemon kill it and hope it drops a pokeball