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By darkblade127218
Jack_Attack12 wrote:too rare? There common.

i found a shiny pokemon and a boss pokemon fight on the first pokemon world i spawned ever right at spawn. it is easier to find shiny pokemon then finding the strongholds right underneath your house and that happend way to often for servers for me.
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By emerald_ice
Sup3rp1gm4n wrote:
PoliticsRbad wrote:
Sup3rp1gm4n wrote:Actually not, since some pokemon only spawn in certain biomes, if you set a certain place for shiny pokemons, you will never be able to get other shiny pokemon, or i misunderstood

No, I'm talking as if instead of every 1/1000 is shiny for example, you could change it to 1/10, 1/20, or 1/30 ect. Havong them still spawn in the same area but the chance of being shiny increased.

Ooh, but why'd u want that, the boss and shiny pokèmon are rare for a reason...

Having them stay Rare is more fun when you find them, and if it was configurable.. I would probably cheat..
By Vespirs
AS3 wrote:Shinies are not that rare tbh, i can find 1 in an hour if i actually try.
However is there a way to /pokespawn a boss?

It was confirmed in another thread that in the next patch there will be a command similar to,
Code: Select all/pokespawn <pokemon name> boss3

To spawn in boss pokemon.

Although, I do not find this useful, considering that boss and shiny pokemon are meant to be rare, and should remain that way.