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Do you want a series?

By Rudy156
#34749 Hi peeps, should I start a Pixelmon series on my channnel? If yes, please respond, give me ideas for the series and stuff. Thanks for listening! I'll keep you guys updated and my channel is CoolestCharmander! Thanks :D The poll is for 10 days

By Boogaluke
#34751 Its always interesting to see another players point of view, but i think you should wait for the next update and then start fresh ;)
By Rudy156
#34757 Thanks for the info! I'll think about it :)
By Rudy156
#34763 If any of the developers are reading this, when will this awesome mod be updated to 1.5.2? I can't downgrade my minecraft, and write some ideas for other mods in the series!
By Rudy156
#35156 Can anybody please give me hints for the series, it'll be really helpful! Thanks! =3
By Sup3rp1gm4n
creedican wrote:Make a nidoking named John

Yeah, just like skydoesminecraft,
Make him your bud (sky and budder)
Or your enemy (sky and squid)
That attracts people
By Rudy156
#36992 Good idea but what should be my enemy? :/
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By Zero_Dude
#37057 If you want help (ideas, or me to be a part of it), just PM me!
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By GhostWolf2398
Rudy156 wrote:Good idea but what should be my enemy? :/

I would highly recommend grabbing a friend and making them your rival. I am currently working on that kind of a project with a friend of mine for Pixelmon (great minds think alike, huh). You could share a base camp or make rival gyms, race to get X unique entries in a pokedex or PC, duel each other. Tons of things you can do, and this mod allows for a lot! The big trick of making a Youtube Series is to tell a good story.

I have also built a version of minecraft 1.5.1 modded with pixelmon, the pokeloot, optifine, rei's minimap (waypoints... how do you play minecraft without them), buildcraft (working on automating pokeball construction a bit - needed to keep a series interesting), nostaligia sound pack, shadow pokemon skins for shiny pokemon, Iron chests (larger storage), and inventory tweaks (for item sorting in chests/inventories). I plan on adding redpower 2 (once that gets updated to 1.5.1) as well, since the deployers and timers on it can enable complete automation of pokeball manufacture (which will be AMAZING). Feel free to message me if you want it, I plan to link it in my videos, but I have it ready now.

Most of the mods are just small improvements to the base game's playability, with all the pokemon related ones being from this forum's mods section (all credit goes to them... I just installed them in the .jar etc).

Feel free to PM me if you wanted to discuss ideas more, the same with the poster above me, or just want the mod pack files.

Edit: My channel is GhostWolfGames if you were interested (shameless self promotion, I choose you!). Should hopefully have some of the series up this week (work permitting).