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By Shadowfox9356493
#34742 Hmm.. how does forge go at loading on minecraft without pixelmon or any other mods in the mods folder?

When i comes to crashes with modding i could be a million things.. lets dig deep and find this problem and solve this for you ;)

By Coco
#35059 Ok im Back I re-downloaded everything...Pixelmon-M=Minecraft forge.
1) Opened the minecraft.jar, removed the META folder
2) Opened the Minecraft Forge move all files to the minecraft.jar
3) opened pixelmon and moved the folders to the .minecraft folder

thats it and it says FML stuck at 0 percent great same issues
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By Shadowfox9356493
#35088 Umm, i think you got the installation a little mixed up..

Ok, use a program called 'MCpatcher' this is the third time i mentioned it and all the other's I've mentioned it too.. they're problems were fixed, it it's awesome.. what you have to do is have just your normal un-modded 1.5.1 minecraft.. then run MCpatcher add the forge file to the patcher by clicking the + button then browsing for your forge file, click ok then patch.. once it's done.. forge will be installed correctly, now all you have to do is open the .minecraft file then add the file into the 'mods' file that is now there.. you should be all set from then in..

Follow these instruction carefully and you should have no problem at all thanks to MCpatcher, my modding days are so much easier thanks to this little tool and i hope this helps and you get this all sorted :)
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By Shadowfox9356493
#35772 One more thing coco.. there are some compatibility with pixelmon and minecraft 1.5.2 try backdating to 1.5.1 and try again.. this has been the case for quite a few people not being able to run pixelmon..