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By Rados
#34524 Yes, we distributed the beta to a couple of servers for further testing of server crashes and bugs, don't post the link to anyone as we only gave it away for server testing, feel free to get it to join the server though

By Windjoe
#34885 How the two servers[that got the beta], Was to test Server fixing bugs because most likely the beta testers couldn't find them all. Yokon's server got the beta I think from LightAdept when Light asked MrM and he said yes. If you got a main Developer/admin Like MrM or Rados or such, they might give your server the beta to find bugs, but this is the only time they will really give the beta to servers because of those fixes. Also if your server did get the beta you wouldn't be able to publicly display it right on the page you would have to PM the link to players on your server.