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By Firespar
SPG wrote:
Firespar wrote:Nah, egg and tutor moves currently aren't available in Pixelmon, and most of Smogon's sets use a few of those. For instance, Arcanine loves using Close Combat to murder things that usually would counter him, like Snorlax. Without Close Combat, Snorlax can sit there and laugh in his face all day long. Speaking of Snorlax, one of his most viable sets (Curse Snorlax) isn't usable yet either, because Curse is an egg move.

When breeding and tutor moves are added to the game, then Smogon will become a viable resource, but until then you can't bet on Smogon's sets. Also, keep in mind Smogon bases their sets on a metagame consisting of every existing Pokemon. An example is that Venusaur often carries Earthquake solely for the purpose of beating Heatran. Well, Heatran isn't in Pixelmon yet, so running Earthquake would be relatively pointless.

lol i know, we already went over this but the forum got rolled back and deleted the conversation

We did? :/ Sorry, I have the memory of a goldfish.

Oh well, then it's okay haha.