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By KuryoZT
#31894 In pixelmon? Imma have to say Eevee, you basically choose what to get after, from a lot of possibilities. And Karrybird made such awsome eeveelutions models, and skibb's espeon is great too.
In handheld games? I'm gonna go with Pikachu, surprising? <---- seriously surprising??

By MudkipLuver
#31969 my number one fav starter pokemon has always been and will always be mudkip because it is awesome. it is water and ground so it is immune to electric and destroys electric that would kill any normal water pokemon. not to mention its adorable
By Zephiloph
#31983 sorry I meant to say eevee for pixelmon.
My favorite overall is oshawott
By lugiaisbeast101
#34600 I didn't like the 5 gens, I don't think I'm going to like 6's but:
1) Charmander
2) Cybdaquil
3) Torchic/Treeko
4) Turtwig
By Lettucecow
SPG wrote:
Kyiv wrote:As all of you picked all the epic ones I went for the random ones like
Torchic becuz its just too weak in the beginning and I didnt go and pick a mainstream Mudkip as it was OP against one of the gyms i forgot.

lol, torchic is actually the best starter in gen 3

I beg to differ sceptile has the best base stat total out of all starters i know this cause im a competetive player :lol: