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By Zephiloph
#31388 I just wanted to know everyones favorite starter pokemon. Mine is umbreon.

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By Nissalee
#31430 Is this in relation to Pixelmon, or in all the titles combined?

For Pixelmon: Eevee
There is so much potential form starting out this way. I can go many directions.

From all generations: Mudkip
I know, I know, everyone wants to ask. Yes, I do liek mudkipz. Water/Ground is a nice combo, imo.
By karrybird
#31477 snivy, by far

least fave would be charmander :)
By Yaseen
#31481 Charmander or Treecko and maybe turwig cause tortera has always been a beast for me xD least favorite would be chikorita or tepig
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By Kyiv
#31531 As all of you picked all the epic ones I went for the random ones like
Torchic becuz its just too weak in the beginning and I didnt go and pick a mainstream Mudkip as it was OP against one of the gyms i forgot.