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By Ethanthephantom
#30982 Hey guys I was wondering what server hosting site you used for your pixelmon servers? I tried multiplay/clanforge but unknown to me they can't host it due to bukkit compatablitiy issues -.- so I just really want to find a good reasonably priced server host. Thanks guys!

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By Burgy
#31302 I use

They are the cheapest i've found. However they have updated their control panel and its a bit buggy and unresponsive. But other than that, i've been enjoying it. The staff is nice and helpful and everything
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By Nissalee
#31600 I was concerned with purchasing a server myself, but after some help on these forums and a little research elsewhere I am gladly hosting my own. If you look on the forums, I think here int he General Discussion section, you can find a spot that mentions Bukkit. It's actually Bukkitforge, and works fantastic! It's fairly simple to set up and adding plugins is so much easier.