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By jeremy58589721
#27552 ive been searching for a eevee (im assuming they spawn in forests only?) for awhile now and it seems all i ever see are mainly bug types D:.

so like the topic asks, are starters more rare to spawn or do i need to search in a larger forest biome?

also do pixelmon spawn on tree tops? :o

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#27555 yes, starters are more rare then other pokemon, all for good reason, and just keep searching in that forest, you will find it some day
By jeremy58589721
TheSoulSaver wrote:Can't find an Eevee? I hardly find any pixelmon outside of Eevee, Fearow, and Pidgey.

lucky, lol. i run around this forest and all i ever see are mankeys, weedle/caterpie (and evos) miltanks, pidgeys, ghastlys, and growliths. D: lol