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By rexonTK
#26702 hello.
im fearly new to the forums so u guys wont know me but i have a problem.
most of the time when i try to connect to the server i get a error messages : end of stream, and i dont know how to fix this.
i dindt know if its good that i put it here cuz i didnt know where to put this else.
but i hope u guys can help me out :)

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By DutchKroket
#26706 Are you cracked or a real user of minecraft?
By BamfkingJDM
#26752 Have you tried a fresh install of Minecraft and Pixelmon? I'd do that try connecting to the server, and if it works slowly add back whatever other mods you want and pin-point your issue.
By The_Nanobots
#26848 This is probably due to your internet connection. "End of Stream" means that you are having a connection error.