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#204955 1) So.. there are some for-sale items that exist in the Creative menu.
Those are:
    * Shoal Salt
    *Shoal Shell
    *Pearl String
    *Strange Souvenir
    *Rare Bone
    *Relic Vase
    *Relic Statue
    *Relic Crown
    *Relic Band
    *Relic Copper
    *Relic Gold
    *Relic Silver
    *Ultra Deep Sea Key
    *Ultra Forest Key
    *Ultra Ruin Key

Are there any recipes for those items? Or are they unobtainable in Single Player?

2) Wiki lists some similar items that can be obtained as drops/held by wild Pokemon but in the game it is NOT possible to get them. Those are Stardust, Pretty Wing, Slowpoke Tail and Tiny Mushroom. It is mentioned in the Wiki that Pokemon can held or drop those items (like Staryu, Slowpoke, Paras, Wingull), and it even mentions that they are 50% chance. Is there a bug with the mod that those Pokemon DONT drop/held those items? Can this be fixed plz?

3) The item Balb Mushroom doesn't even have a Wiki page. Does it have a recipe or it fells in the same category with the above items?

Thanks in advance!
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By LordSamosa
#204957 Shoal shell/salt can be gotten using from using rock smash on beaches and such ... ernal_move)#Items

Pearl string is from fishing

Souvenir not too sure on, maybe someone else would know. Same with Rare bone.
The Relic items and keys don't have a use yet or recipe and are only obtainable in creative.

2) Those items are definitely possibly to get. If you enable external JSONs for drops and spawning and check the pokedrops json along with the specific pokemon's spawning json, you'll see they have a chance to drop it/hold the item. Check the drops page on the wiki as that's accurate and up-to-date too.

3) Not too sure on balb mushroom, haven't seen that mentioned anywhere. Make sure you're on the latest Pixelmon 7.2.2
#204958 1) Interesting! I'll try that. It seems that you can also get Rare Bone and Stardust using Rock Smash.

2) What are those json files and how to enable them?

3) I have the latest version. I can't figure out in the game how to get that thing myself and the wiki doesn't even have a page for it. xD
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By LordSamosa
#204960 ... JSON_files

In your pixelmon.hocon file in the config folder, set the drops and spawning external JSONS to true and reload your game.

Yeah the Balm (I assume you meant this instead if balb?) isn't listed anywhere. Not sure what's up with that
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By SKy2008
#204967 No. These files are strictly optional for if you want to modify them. Whenever there's a change in spawns for example, the already generated External JSONs can cause issues since they are outdated.