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By Lunos
#204536 It's been weeks since I've been visiting a Deep Ocean biome that I have a home set on whenever it starts to rain in the overworld. Despite that, I still haven't seen a Kyogre at all.
At some point, I started to work on a pit mainly because I've read somewhere that Kyogre could only spawn in Deep Ocean under Y 30, but besides resources like ores and building blocks, I still haven't seen a Kyogre yet.

Is it that hard to get, or I'm just very unlucky?

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By XpanD
#204537 I've been hunting for one too, so I'll let you know if I happen to get one. It's most likely just very rare, though. There's a few spawns like that (Zeraora comes to mind) that get swamped out by other spawns, and end up being much rarer.