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By jamesbowers
#204317 Hey guys its me Scep,
This message is to the staff team.
Ive heard that you guys are trying to figure out who has been leaking me info.
No-one is, i get all my info from other players close to staff members and /warp staff.
I do not want to hurt complex with the info i have. I want to update people on whats going on and not leave them clueless. I have not received any leaks. I have only received small news. In my opinion this doesnt hurt you guys one bit. It is not in my interest to upset you guys it was actually the other way around. So since things had to go this way since someone lacked the courage to dm me. You know my dms are always open for yall cmon now. Since my chances of ever being a part of the staff team is very low or even non-existent. This has made me upset. But anyways Love yall and dont waste your time on stupid shit like me.

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By XpanD
#204318 This is the site/forum for the Pixelmon mod in general, not any specific server. As such, please keep server-specific stuff out of here. Thanks.