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By vinasxz
#204267 Hello,

I started a pixelmon server in aternos free server, and i can't change any inside config.
I want to know if there is some way to config server from inside, and how it's done, and how much values i can put to make the game "medium to high" spawn rate.
The recent att 7.0.5 make the game spawn a lot of legendarys and bosses by just steping other biomes and i don't want that. It's spawning 2 Keldeo at a time and same legendary everytime.


config just appear "no effect" in server

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By XpanD
#204268 Hi,

The P/mod menu config only applies to single player. For a server, you would need to edit the config file directly, and on the server's end. I don't think Aternos allows you to access that, though.

As for the legendaries spawning too often (and at the same times), that's a bug that should be getting fixed in the upcoming release. Keep an eye out for that!