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By AFist
#204185 How do I download Pixelmon? I had it on my old laptop but it was super laggy. I just got a new gaming PC and want to play Pixelmon because I haven't played it in years. All the guides say go to pixelcrafter but Norton (my antivirus software) Doesn't like when I go to adfly at all. And when I download the mod it says this may harm your computer. Is this the only way to download Pixelmon? If so do I just keep the file and ignore the warnings?
By TheFroakiePM
#204192 it doesn't work because it takes me to the page where that if i click download it takes me to adfly which i don't want to go there and i don't know how to directly download it.
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By XpanD
#204194 You can also install through ATLauncher, or through the Technic launcher. They'll handle most of the setup for you. Point them to "Pixelmon Reforged", install the pack and you'll be good to go!