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By stamen3054
#204161 Hello,
I recently hosted a server to play with my friends in this incredible Pixelmon world.
Everything goes fine until when the remote server shuts down unexpectedly after being running for like a day.
We restarted the server and found out we lost some of our newly captured Pokemon . It looks like when the server is shut down unexpectedly, it fails to save all player's Pokemon data.
Is there a way to make it auto save these information in a timely manner?

By stamen3054
#204162 Clarification:
For instance, I captured a Raticate and right after the remote system running the server is doing a force restart without stopping the server.
After the reboot, starting the server, items/player' stats/positions are correct, but I will not have that Raticate because the server fails to save this information.
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By XpanD
#204167 Are you on 7.0.3, still? This should be fixed as of 7.0.4, although we currently recommend running 7.0.5 for the things fixed in there.
By stamen3054
#204169 Hi XpanD,
Thanks for the reply. I am using 7.0.3 in the server but I got it figured out. I modified the config file for pixelmon set the userAsyncSaving=true. Now it is saving data every 2 hours.