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By Neamow
#204144 I simply cannot find Squirtle and Totodile in my world. According to the wiki I should get them spawning on beaches at night:

I cannot get them to spawn at all, I have over 100 hours in this world. I have not seen them by just running around beaches at night, so I even built a spawning platform way up high in the sky in the shape of a large beach I found, roughly 300-400 spawning spaces, and still nothing. 90% Pyukumukus, and 10% Shellders and nothing else.

I think the wiki is outdated, considering Pyukumuku is not even mentioned, and Shelder should be a rare spawn at the same level as Squirtle and Totodile, but I've seen like 20 Shellders spawn already and nothing else (including Dwebble which according to the wiki should be the most common spawn on beaches at night).

Can anyone tell me if I'm doing something wrong? Is the wiki outdated and Squirtles/Totodiles just spawn somewhere else? Or am I just suuuuuuper unlucky?
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By XpanD
#204148 Yup, the wiki's outdated here. It's a work in progress, but some of these pages definitely need a bit of love, still.

Squirtle is still a beach spawn, but requires rain and night time. Totodile is also a night spawn, and now spawns in rivers. If you have Pixelmon Extras, "/wiki NAME biome" should be pretty reliable until the proper wiki is entirely updated.

(with the above said, any help with the wiki is very much appreciated -- join the Discord if you feel like helping out there)
By Neamow
#204157 Ah thanks for confirming. I'll try rivers for Totodile and night and rain for Squirtle.

Massive thanks for the Extras command, had no idea that was a thing! I will no longer have to be unsure if the wiki is up-to-date on a certain Pokemon or not.