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By Lighght
#204102 I've been looking into what it would take to get Pixelmon working alongside modern modpacks. Best solution I can think of would be to restrict spawns and worldgen to Ultra Space so everywhere else can have regular mob spawns and worldgen.

I'm looking for a way to:
1-Disable Pokemon and Pixelmon mob spawns in all dimensions but Ultra Space
2-Enable hostile mob spawns in all dimensions but Ultra Space
3-Disable Pixelmon structures and worldgen in all dimensions but Ultra Space
4-Add all content that this makes unavailable (if any) to Ultra Space

How much of this can be done just with Pixelmon configs? Has anyone used mods like McJty's In Control with Pixelmon? Can all worldgen even be fully disabled in the overworld? Can Pixelmon tile entities from structures be used in Recurrent Complex structures? Can they be made craftable with other mods if need be and still function when placed?
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By XpanD
#204103 I can help with a few of those.

1: Enable "useBetterSpawnerConfig" in the "pixelmon.hocon" and restart the server. You'll get a file under "config/pixelmon/" that you can define spawning dimensions in. It'll only spawn stuff in those dimensions.

3: This may be possible using the US-specific worldgen settings, the "spawnUltraSpace" ones. I'm not sure if these are tied to spawnStructures, but if they are you will want to pre-generate non-Pixelmon worlds without Pixelmon first. Future additions (Zygarde cores, maybe? I've seen a few dynamic gen ideas for that in the Discord) may still show up, though. You'll probably also want to block the planting of berries and apricorns.

4: I'm not sure off the top of my head if this makes anything unavailable, apart from maybe water spawns. You can however tweak pretty much everything spawning-related using the spawn JSONs, which you can enable through "useExternalJSONFilesSpawning" in the "pixelmon.hocon". Same process as before, enable and then restart. This creates a "pixelmon" folder in the server's root (same place as "mods", "logs", etc.) with editable files.

For your other questions, the Discord (link to the right) may be worth joining. It's a lot more active than these forums.

Note: If you do enable external files of any kind, please read the Pixelmon changelogs for future versions carefully. You won't get any changes (fixes included) to the files you enabled unless you manually remove them and let the mod regenerate them.
By Lighght
#204131 For anyone who's trying to do similar, using the following In Control config works well from my testing:

"mod": "pixelmon",
"dimension": 72,
"onjoin": true,
"result": "allow"
"dimension": 72,
"onjoin": true,
"result": "deny"

Basically just prevents the spawn of any mob that does not come from pixelmon in the given dimension. This + setting pokemon to only spawn in dim72 creates the desired mob spawn behavior.