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By RincoB
#204079 Hello guys, I started playing pixelmon today after a couple of years and I had some IMO important questions so here it goes:

1. Is there a way to customize/create pokemon easily?
For example I want a shiny Froakie with a hidden ability, timid nature & Enormous size.
2. Also are there IVs/EVs and breeding?
3. And what about move tutoring/ egg moves?

Or some other important differences between pixelmon and pokemon.

If someone knows the answer or knows a video that can answer my questions please hit me up!
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By XpanD
#204080 Welcome back! I'll go through the questions in order.

1. Yup. Use the Pokémon Editor item from Creative, it allows you to set all of that.
2. Yup. For breeding, check out: (Pixelmon does its own thing)
3. Yup, also a thing. 7.0.3 has a few missing moves on the Pokémon, 7.0.4 is set to fix that.

There's a bunch of other differences, such as being able to hammer out your own ball lids using furnace-cooked apricorns and the Pixelmon hammer tools. Check out the wiki for more information on those, or ask in the Discord -- it's more active than these forums. (link to the right)