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By CherryBlossie
#204034 I was by a village and I saw something unusual. A green ring followed by more green rings getting smaller, so it looked like a speed boost funnel. I went through and now.... I am in another dimension?

I am floating as if on the moon, it's misty, the sky changes colour from pink to green to yellow to blue, etc, there are scattered floating islands each with a weird combination of biomes (floating boimoes cover the place there is no more bedrock or underground just islands). End Cities, nether fortress and a weird obsidian area where the trees were obsidian and its leaves are glass, blocks stationary but floating in the sky. A lot of shinies or boss pokemon. Weird music. My icon on the map spins and my compass is not working either.

I tried to look it up but found nothing. I thought it might be a legendary spawn and I am in some alternate dimension, but again, found nothing. So bizarre. I then thought somehow I am banned? But I am on my own server so I am not breaking the rules or griefing. So that just means I am back to square one: which is where the heck am I?
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By XpanD
#204035 Welcome to Ultra Space! That's one of the big new 7.0 features. You can find ultra beasts there (although they are extremely rare), and there's some unique loot around as well.

If you want to leave, jump into the void and you'll be safely returned to the normal world. (although you'll have to find a new portal if you want back in -- don't try jumping in in a non-Ultra Space world!)

For more info, check out: ... ltra_Space