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By aism
#25407 Hi there,

I have an 8 year old and there is *nothing*he would like more than to have Pixelmon installed for Minecraft. I've read through some installs and some somewhat confusing videos and am left at a loss. I have a computer background so am somewhat au fait with all things technical, but am willing to admit that I am getting nowhere. Is there a totally BASIC step by step instructions that I could follow? Preferably text - not a video (is it just me or do they just go too fast).

Any help greatly appreciated.


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By fugger973
#25410 1. download forge.
2. download pixelmon.
3. open the minecraft jar.
4. delete META-inf from it.
5. open the forge file.
6. drag everything from forge into the minecraft jar.
7. close both of those.
8. go into the .minecraft folder.
9. open the pixelmon download.
10. drag the two folders from it into the .minecraft.

hope that was clear enough. if you need anything else, im sure someone can clarify.
By BamfkingJDM
#25473 1. Download Minecraft Forge and above (
2. Download the latest Pixelmon
3. Download WinRAR or sometype of program with .jar compatibility
4. Press the Windows Key + R to open your Run Command, type in %appdata%
5. Locate your .minecraft folder and open
6. Locate your bin folder and open
7. Locate the minecraft.jar file, Right Click > Open with WinRAR
8. You will now be able to see the contents of the minecraft.jar, locate the META-inf folder and delete it.
9. Now extract the downloaded forge files into the minecraft.jar

You just installed forge. Now to Pixelmon.

10. Go back to the .minecraft folder
11. Extract all files from the Pixelmon Download straight into the .minecraft folder.
12. And there you have it, you can now have fun with pixel monsters.

If that wasn't clear enough there is a great video already up on how to install Pixelmon. ... YLNU2qlU0#!
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By MrMasochism
#25562 Outside of our videos there can't be a more foolproof way of installing currently. I wish there were but there isn't and there are a couple of issues due to java that make installing on some computers very tricky indeed
By Jfreak9
#25703 Aism, I would also like to take the time to congratulate you on being an awesome parent. Its good to see you take the time to help do this. Not every parent would.

Here is for Mac

Download the latest version of Forge
Download latest version of Pixelmon
1. Click on finder and go to your Library
*Note If it is hidden click on "Go" on the top menu bar and hold the option key. It will show up.
2. Click on Application support and go to Minecraft
3. Go to Bin
4. Decompile minecraft.jar with unarchiver or archive utility
* Note you may need to remove the original minecraft.jar and rename the newly created folder to minecraft.jar
5. Delete META-INF from minecraft.jar
6. Put all of the class files from Forge into the new minecraft.jar folder.
*Note Make sure to check the replace all button.
7. Run minecraft. It should download needed files for forge and set up environment. Then Exit Minecraft
8. Go back to the Minecraft Folder in Application Support
9. Decompile Pixelmon installer
10. Put the Database folder in the minecraft folder and Pixelmon.jar in the mods folder.
*note if there is not a Mods folder in minecraft folder then create one.

Run minecraft and enjoy!
By jishness
#27543 If you're still having problems and don't mind remote assistance, send me a message. I can help by using an application like Team Viewer to access your computer and set it up. Not an offer I put out a lot but I have a kid too =)
By aism
#28788 Thank you everyone!!

I was so chuffed with all the answers - thank you for taking the time to reply.

I made some progress - installed Java, which took a while, then hit the install.cmd in Forge as I thought that made sense? It took an age but seemed to complete and then I came back here and re-read the instructions :oops: Should I have done it manually instead? Is that required?

Jishness...I'm at the point where I'd pay for this - at least with a voucher so if you had the time.... :) :)

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By LilacLily
#28790 If I may, I'll do this as simple as I can, for windows 7:
1. Install this:

This: ...

And this:

2. when you're done, hit the Start menu and type %appdata% in the search bar.
When you've done that, then locate and open the .Minecraft folder.

3. Open Pixelmon 2.1.2 Install and Pixelmon Rescources 1.1, then drag and drop everything in both.
When that's done, locate and open the Bin folder.

4. I use 7-zip, but winRAR and winzip work too. Open the Minecraft.jar using one of these. Delete the META-INF file.

5. Open Minecraft Forge, drag and drop everything in it into the Minecraft.jar.
DO NOT delete the META-INF in Minecraft Forge.

6. Close everything, and you're done! hope this helped. =)

Peace out,