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By weezact7
#203631 So, this is pretty delayed, probably to the point that it's meaningless, but does anyone know of any organized effort to petition Nintendo/Game Freak/Niantic (whoever issued the take down request) to relent? I'd like to hop on that if it exists. I know I've seen people begging the Pixelmon dev team to keep going, but that's not really where your efforts should be focused.
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By XpanD
#203632 There was a petition back when the C&D first happened (nearly a year ago, now), but the amount of input we'd have needed to actually get anywhere would be astronomical. Also, the site that was on kept asking for money in a way that was confusing people, so we put a stop to that.

The original Pixelmon project is dead at this point, with the old team leads and a chunk of the old team moving on to other endeavors. Reforged is the closest thing we have right now, and the old team people that stuck around have generally moved there. Drop by the old Discord if you want to know more; there's a lot of activity in there, still.

Putting things on Technic (to get to that point from the other thread) was a bit of a necessity, as the original Pixelmon Launcher could not be used anymore. It's a big platform, even if it is kind of awful. Things have slowly been moving to the AT Launcher, though... :-)