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By jsnbrown1989
#23853 Does anyone know of a way for a server owner to see what pokemon a player has? They don't even have to be able to edit them, just view. I am asking this because I have had several players say that their masterball glitched when they threw it and they didnt get the pokemon but would like a new masterball.

I like to be able to prove reasons why I say no and a screenshot of the fact that they indeed caught the pokemon would be most helpful

Does anyone have any ideas? Should I make a topic in Suggestions for this?

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By DutchKroket
#23862 I think this might be a good idea but, you mustn't be allowed to take pokemons out since that will only ask for admin abuse.

And for those masterballs, they had a chance but failed, just like in the game, no return.
By Xarven
#23918 Hm, a short fix could be the usage of teamviewer. The player create a meeting, invites you and inside pixelmon, the player can show you his/her pokemon in every box inside the pc.
But on long view this isnt a good solution.
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By jsnbrown1989
#23925 yea, but a problem player wouldn't want to do that. I have seen yet another post from a server owner saying they can see the player's data files. Is there something I am missing? I was thinking MrM said in the past that we shouldn't be able to read pixelmon data files. I also know of a server that offers increasing the "growth" or size of a pokemon that the player chooses if they donate. How?