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By RainbowDash1013
#23783 So.. I was wondering how to get the friendship of an Eevee to go up? But no level it up. Because I want to have an easpeon and an umbreon at an early level! Please help me! :cry:

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By KuryoZT
#23789 Wow, that color is hurting my eyes, you might want to tweek it a little if you post more here, just saying.
For happiness, it augments with levels, and just walking around with you, little by little. You know how to check it right? Stats after right cliking them on the left.
Hope it helps, and yes they evolve with 220 after the level up.
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By Dietrech
#23839 Just let your Eevee walk with you outside of its pokeball.
And like KuryoZT stated up there ^^^
To check the happiness, go into the computer and on the bottom left corner there's a pokemon checker thing and just drag and drop your Eevee there. It should display your Eevee's happiness.
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By Tom_X
#24092 Locking this.