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By kungfumidget
Airfoil wrote:
AfroByte wrote:breeding and double battles

Double battles haven't been implemented yet, I'm afraid to say those probably will not be for a while.

Breeding (or "breading"...What you imagine your dairy products doing is your own business :b) is on the way, and should be out in a few updates.


That made me lol xD

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By firetools
#23952 So, what exactly are the plans for douvle battles anyway? For some reason, I feel as if they should be just under breeding on the priority list in a mod/game such as this xD
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By KuryoZT
#23957 I don't think double battle should be so high, breeding is important though, but for new feature added, others are more important in my opinion. (repeling things, models, finish this gen once and for all haha, and others, but breeding is important, but not really double battle, it's just for strategic show off in m opinion anyway.)