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By Jfreak9
#23259 I was wanting to spawn shiny pokemon in singleplayer to see their models. I was wondering if there was any way to do this thank you. I tried /pokespawn shinycharizard but alas it did not work. Thanks for any help!

By Airfoil
#23453 To be more clear; you just type "/pokespawn [Pokemon's name here]" to spawn Pokemon. To make it shiny, you simply put an "s" at the end of the command. So "/pokespawn [Pokemon's name here] s" will spawn a shiny version of whatever you desire.
By Airfoil
lightdasher wrote:May I add that not all of the Pokemon have a shiny texture yet, like Clefaiy for example.

Regardless, they are still considered shiny, and their shiny textures will be added eventually. Meaning, once their texture is added, they will look shiny again.

Also are you sure about Clefairy? I haven't tested it out myself, but Clefairy is one of those Pokemon whose shiny alteration looks identical to its default color. So you might not see a difference in the textures, but it could be shiny.
There are way too many Pokemon like this -_-