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By Airfoil
#23452 Yes you can. If you go into Minecraft's config files, there is one for Pixelmon. When opened, you can scroll down and change the spawn frequencies of Pokemon on land, in water, and trainers. Raising the number makes them spawn more often, lowering the number lowers their spawn rate. This obviously only works when playing single player, or if your hosting your own server.

However, you can't be specific about it. You can only change the spawn of Pokemon on land or Pokemon in water. You can't specifically choose to have no Zubat, or make Mew more common.
By Airfoil
johny129 wrote:oh ok, i wanted to have no zubats and golbats by the way xD

How did I guess. xD

But yeah. You can only lower the spawn rate of all land Pokemon as a whole, not any specific one.
At least Golbat can be avoided, and Zubat isn't really annoying at all in this mod :b