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By Sammichu1
#194486 so here is my situation
me and my sister like pokemon and minecraft
and pixelmon was what we played for ages battling catching and doing other stuff (most of the time we would go into creative mode and spam master balls on whatever we want xd)
but one day my sister's pc broke
a year or two later she gets a new pc at this time it would be around 5-8 month of 2016
after her pc is set up she redownloads minecraft and some of her other games
we decide "hey lets play pixelmon!" but we try to hunt down pixelmon 3.0.4 for 1.6.4 but we cant find the download and the reason why we use this is because the newer versions have insane framrates of up to 5 FPS! anyway tho
so we try to hunt 3.0
we have dont have any luck finding this gem of a mod
so we give up on playing pixelmon
we really want to play 3.0.4 with each other so we can have fun and spam master balls like the good old days
so why do you remove the older versions of pixelmon?

By Sammichu1
#194555 oh...
btw i think ur guide is outdated due to the new launcher and stuff
but still i really wanted to play pixelmon with my sister without it being too laggy or too big of a download
i guess ill have to get a better pc or wait till a new pokemon minecraft mod comes out