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By jbclements
#193992 Background: I'm a computer science professor, with primarily Linux and MacOS background. My son is trying to install the PixelMon mod under Windows. It appears to me that the installer requires an administrator password. Why would this be necessary?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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By MoeBoy76
#193994 The Pixelmon launcher installer requires admin account permission to install as it needs to download .NET libraries and install them, admin passwords are generally required for installation the same way an admin password is required to sudo apt-get upgrade (unless you are SSH auth'd to a remote server)

The mod itself does not require admin permissions to run as it is simply a Minecraft mod and is loaded by Forge (which does not require admin password to install as it installs to the user folder)
By jbclements
#194055 Thanks for your sensible answer! A paranoid sysadmin (hey, that's me!) could ask a linux user to install their own libraries in, e.g., ~uid/lib/ (or, on MacOS, ~uid/Library/). Is there a way to do that in Windows? If, for instance, the .NET libraries were already installed for the given user, would the installer be able to run without root privileges? If so, is there a list somewhere of the .NET libs that are required?

Many thanks for your fast response!
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By Some Body
#194056 If you don't want to trust the Pixelmon launcher, you can install Pixelmon through the vanilla Minecraft launcher in the same manner as any other Forge mod.