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By Guineafluff100
#193864 Now, this is not at all saying that I don't TRUST pixelmonmod for not doing anything with my account, but I am just wondering WHY they need your password.

So, when I linked my mc account and account, it asked me for my MC password which I thought was very odd and suspicious but as Ive played pixelmon for many many years and I trust the website, I put it in. But, I am just wondering WHY do they need you to enter your password, Ive looked at the application and it seems that it has something to do with a MySQL server (hopefully its not stored), but does anyone else wonder why they need you to enter your password? And is it saved?
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By AnDwHaT5
#193866 In order to link your Minecraft account with Pixelmon you must log in. This is to verify you are the actual owner of the Minecraft account, rather than just claiming any random account.

This being said I do not have access to see what the credentials are used for. Most likely, just to validate with Mojang's servers.
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By Jay113355
#193873 We have to validate you are the owner of that minecraft account. The password is not stored only your user id is (UUID)

Also your minecraft email and password are only asked for through the Pixel Link software as far as i know. And no where on the website should you be required to enter those.
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By Isi
#193879 To further explain, the PixelLink software uses both your forum and MC credentials the same way the Minecraft Launcher, our Launcher etc does. It'll send the information the authentication, and the returned result, which is saved, is your MC UUID (Public unique identifier), your Minecraft username as it is at the time of authentication, and a Minotaur copy of your Minecraft avatar (As you can see by your forum account now showing your MC avatar.)