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By SonnyJim
#193695 Hi there, I am new to the Pixelmon mod and I am just wondering how you add non-pixelmon items into the trainer drops? I am able to add Pixelmon items such as Ultra-Balls but Vanilla items or items from other mods won't show up in the gui when I type the name in. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

By SonnyJim
#193697 Hi there, I am just typing in the name of the item. For example, I would type in 'Iron Coin' (I am using the custom npc mod as well) as a drop and nothing would show up. I have also tried with vanilla item names and that hasn't worked either. Is there a particular way I have to input the item-name? If it only allows Item ID (which I have not tried) then I am unsure as I don't know how to find item IDs. Thanks.
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By Some Body
#193698 Pixelmon has support for item names of its own items, but not other mods. You'd need to find the item IDs for the other mods yourself, as we do not develop those other mods. Minecraft item IDs can be found on the Minecraft wiki.
By SonnyJim
#193699 Okay, thanks for your help. Since the item-names for vanilla items do not work for me either I guess the only other option is to try the item id. Are there any options in the config that I can change that would enable me to configure trainer drops?