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By ArzyDeewe
#193390 I have run a sponge server with pixelmon 5.0.1. And always, there are few pokemons around players. About every 2 chunks have a pokemon in 4x4 chunks around players.
Then I enabled to spawn vanilla mobs. I can see many cows and sheeps on the ground.
So I dont know what cause pokemon spawn much less. Any one can help?
You can tell me if you need some info about sponge server I use.

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By AnDwHaT5
#193393 Here is 2 lists of Pixelmon that configuration option affects.
Land Pokemon: ... and_spawns
Air Pokemon: ... Air_spawns
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By AnDwHaT5
#193397 Yeah, just edit the

  • Max Underground
  • Max Underwater
  • Max Flying
  • Max Land

Pokemon options and that will configure all of the Pixelmon Spawns on your server. Since you want to increase it, try raising the number until it suits your needs.

Edit: Please keep in mind that the more entities on your server, the more resources the server will have to use. I wouldn't go too crazy on raising spawn rates because it could cause performance issues.