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By Avery5197
#193144 Hello, lately, I have been considering creating a few Pixelmon Side Mods which utilize the API and public structures of Pixelmon (of course following the rules of not decompiling, simply referencing the jar).
I wanted to check before I start development if there is a place where I am able to post such a side mod within the pixelmonmod website and if the creation of such is even allowed. I know previously, there was a forum for side mods, which is gone now.
Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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By Rasgnarok
#193173 As long as it is within our ToS, yes, you can make Pixelmon sidemods. You may reference them here, in Development Discussion. I would also suggest getting ideas from the Suggestions forum, if you do intend on addressing a community need. Lastly, I would ask that of course, if you post it there, it is public, free and accessible to all, like Pixelmon and its official sidemods.